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 Square Dance Caller

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Square Dance Parties!

Family Parties! Church Picnics! Corporations! Schools!And more!

Have you thought about hosting a square dance party?

With my “Introduction to Square Dance Nights” you and your guests

can learn how to do modern western square dancing!

  You’re probably thinking…okay, old fashioned fiddle and a banjo? ~~Not at all!~~

      Lady Gaga    Taylor Swift    Adele    Maroon 5    Styx     Bon Jovi


   These are the types of music we now square dance to! I will come in

and show you all you need to know to have a great time, dancing with great friends, to great music!After all, that’s what square dancing IS!

If you are interested, please visit my “Contact” page to get in touch with

me for more information and a quote!